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I love to tell stories using pictures and although this style of narration is silent, it can still be powerful and convincing. It might be that these stories connect with a futuristic vision of urban space or they could just simply capture an individual's personality.

But one of the wonders of photography is the ability for it to transport you to another place. For that reason I would love to imagine you being taken through a melancholic travelogue of emotion when you see each photo of mine. Sometimes my photos have a simple message, other times they may hint at something a little deeper... the most important thing being your own interpretation and feeling around each one.

My own inspirations are diverse, ranging from '90s electronic music to fond experiences of Latin American metropolitan culture. The fascination of 1990s technology has also influenced my style, despite it being far less ubiquitous than today.

In a world where technology appears to be driving a mass ‘click’ culture of quantity over quality, instead allow me to guide you on a more organic and meaningful journey.

I feel fortunate and lucky enough for some of this journey to be recognised across a range of competitions...

IPA International Photography Awards

Architecture 3rd Place 2018

Architecture Honourable Mention 2017 (x2), 2018 (x3), 2019 (x9), 2020 (x2), 2021 (x2), 2023 (x2)

One Shot Honourable Mention 2019

Official Selection 2023 (x4)

MIFA Moscow International Photography Awards

Architecture Gold Medal 2018, 2019, 2020

Architecture Silver Medal 2020

Architecture Bronze Medal 2018, 2020 (x2)

Fine Art Bronze Medal 2021

Architecture Honourable Mention 2018 (x2), 2019, 2020 (x 8), 2021 (x3)

United Kingdom Country Pick 2019, 2020 (x4), 2021

TIFA Tokyo International Photography Awards

Architecture Gold Medal 2019

Architecture Silver Medal 2019 (x2)

Architecture Bronze Medal 2018

Architecture Honourable Mention 2019 (x5)

Architecture Official Selection 2021

United Kingdom Country Pick 2018, 2019 (x3) 

BIFA Budapest International Photography Awards

Architecture Silver Medal 2019, 2020, 2021

Architecture Bronze Medal 2020

Architecture Honourable Mention 2019 (x4)

United Kingdom Country Pick 2020 (x2)

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris

Architecture Silver Medal 2023

Architecture Bronze Medal 2018, 2020 (x3)

Architecture Honourable Mention 2018, 2020 (x8), 2023 (x3)

United Kingdom Country Pick 2020 (x3)

LICC London International Creative Competition

Architecture Shortlist Winner 2018

Monovisions Photography Awards

Architecture Honourable Mention 2018 (x3), 2019 (x3), 2020 (x7), 2021, 2023 

The British Photography Awards

Architecture Category Shortlist 2023

The Architectural Photography Awards

Interior Category Shortlist 2019

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